Wednesday, November 17, 2010

-anger managment program-

salam alaik,

for this post I'll be writing in English. hope you don't mind and please don't bother about the grammar.. I know I'm kind of BAD at it..

anger.. all of the creatures that ever exist in this blue globe have this kind of feeling. yes, even animals. people tend to exert their anger on many occasions. yes even the cool ol' me has that feeling deep down inside. you might wonder why on earth I want to write about this. even though with the SPM just around the corner.
well let just say that I wish not to ponder too long on the SIJIL PANDANGAN MANUSIA.. hey every human beings are bright in their own ways right? it's not about whether you'll be getting straight A+s or none at all. remember and keep this in mind, we only live for our LORD. not the parents( although we should try to cherish them in any ways that are possible) , not the teachers, not even the so called society. nope. we live to glorify our LORD. that's mean we still must try our best but don't lose yourself at it... okay I think I've been a long way astray from the topic..
the prophet once being asked to give an advice.. a simple advice.. well, do you know what he said.. it is simple alright. only consist of three word..
don't be angry..
(is that a 4 words sentences?? never mind..)

as stated by imam an-Nawawi; a MOSLEM is those who has great characteristics, gentle, shy, humble, loving to others, has a true man virtue that is has the guts to bear difficulty, will not hurt others, give forgiveness when he has the right to be return it, patient over distress, could control his anger when others made mistakes toward him and can show a happy face on every occasions...
urgh.. it's truly hard to be a moslem.. it's seem like we must be absolutely good, trough and trough.. but we do live for Allah, not for ourselves(where you get that in mind) so it's not absurd to think that we must a least try to fulfill all those above and don't ever forget the DOs and DON'Ts. o, I totally forgot, ar-Rasul never get angry but none can get in his way when it came about Allah's sake.. get it..
well let' try to our best.. it's not easy on me too.. those who know the true me may understand and I seek all of your forgiveness if ever I hurt you all mental and physical.. :p wish me luck in the coming exam and to all you too for the never ending test of Dunya.. ganbatte!!
(this one post sure a loooooooong one, anyway thanks for reading it!)